a view down the front of the hoover dam where water exits the generators

Visiting the Hoover Dam from the Grand Canyon

To spend time sightseeing and exploring some of the most popular attractions in the U.S., many people choose to visit the Hoover Dam from the Grand Canyon for an easy route that will make for an unforgettable trip. Located just 35 miles from Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is a must-see on the borders of Arizona and Nevada, located on U.S. 93. It controls part of the Colorado River while providing water to Nevada, California, Arizona, and Mexico. Art deco from the 1930s can be seen at the dam, along with tours that show how the working power plant continues to operate. Considered a popular fixture in films and pop culture, it's a recognizable structure that is famous for its strength and powerful design. The Grand Canyon is a national park in Arizona that is just 247 miles from the Grand Canyon. It has a depth of over a mile with channels that run through the rock. It's width spans up to 18 miles and is connected to the Colorado River basin. Guests are welcome to hike through the Grand Canyon while also camp at the site.


Due to the close proximity of the two sites, visiting the Hoover Dam from the Grand Canyon makes for an easy day trip for those who want to view the two locations in the same day. To avoid traffic, it's important to leave in the morning for a straightforward self-guided tour.

The Grand Canyon is approximately three hours to the Hoover Dam by car. Several bus tours are also available for transportation between the two attractions. The scenic route from the two spots makes for an enjoyable trip with views of the desert and flat plains. Along the way, travelers can stop at Santa Claus Theme Park to view the abandoned Christmas theme park that was once a fixture in the state. You can also choose to take Route 66 for one of the most well-known highways in the country.


While traveling to the Hoover Dam, you'll get a chance to view the gorgeous greens at Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course before reaching Seligman Airport. Perhaps one of the most beautiful locations to travel through on the route is at Kalibab National Forest where you'll be able to see much-needed views of water with Cataract Lake and Gonzalez Lake. You can also choose to stop and stretch out your legs at Bearizona Wildlife Park, where bears, wolves, mountain goats, and bison can be seen in the lush environment. While on Route 64 just before reaching the Hoover Dam, you'll also be able to spot Red Lake, which is located close to the road.

For those who decide to travel to the Hoover Dam after visiting the Grand Canyon, it can be a trip that will unlock a greater understanding of the two attractions and an appreciation for the workmanship used to craft the Hoover Dam and the natural beauty that can be experienced at the Grand Canyon.

Last Updated: January 09, 2015