Top Restaurants in Honolulu

Hawaii is a tropical paradise. It is a dream vacation for many people. Honolulu is a destination many travelers go to on their first trip to the islands. There are many great restaurants to choose from in Honolulu. If you are in the Waikiki area, Todai is a wonderful place for a buffet style meal. If you like sushi, you will be in heaven. Todai has an all you can eat sushi bar with many types of fresh sushi to choose from. They also have an equally varied buffet that offers American cuisine as well. There is something for everyone at Todai. The cost for their buffet ranges from $20.00 to $40.00 per person, depending on the time and day of the week. Casual resort wear is encouraged. Another good Waikiki restaurant is Murphy’s Bar & Grill. It is a casual place to get a sandwich, appetizers and a drink. Dinner entrees range from $11.25 to $23.50. Murphy’s also makes one of the best Lava Flow drinks in Honolulu.

The downtown region of Honolulu also has many restaurants to choose from. HASR Bistro offers French cuisine. Outdoor dining allows customers to enjoy Hawaii’s sunshine and perfect temperatures. Their indoor dining is cozy and comfortable. Customers rave about the Osso Bucco with Mushroom Risotto and Salmon. Dinner entrees range in price from $24.00 to $38.00. Casual wear is the norm at this establishment. If you are in the mood for fine Italian dining, Bruno’s Forno is the place for you. Their small, casual, but charming restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere. They are well known for their lasagna. Choose from Carbonara Lasagna, Margarita Lasagna, Bolognese Lasagna, Asparagus Lasagna or Funghi Lasagna, all of which are made fresh daily. Lasagna cost $8.00 per serving.

Dining in Eastern Honolulu offers many tasteful choices as well. The Olive Tree Café serves Greek Cuisine. Anyone wanting to eat healthy will be able to find a variety of menu items to fit their diet. The Olive Tree is well known for their hummus and Greek salad. Their prices are affordable. Dinner platters range from $9.56 to $12.42. A large patio offers plenty of outdoor seating. Be sure to bring cash, because this restaurant does not accept credit cards. Casual attire is acceptable at The Olive Tree Café. Lastly, Roy’s Restaurant will give you something to write home about. This restaurant specializes in Euro-Asian food. Ask about the nightly specials. They are well known for their pizza, seafood and wine selection. Expect to spend anywhere from $14.50 to $33.50 for dinner entrées at Roy’s. Casual wear is the norm at this establishment.

If you are lucky enough to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii, you will enjoy your experience. The selection of restaurants is plentiful. The food is delicious. The views of the island are breathtaking. Everything about Honolulu, Hawaii will make you want to return again.