a sunset over the ocean off Sanibel Island

The Stunning Beaches of Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a picturesque barrier island situated by Florida's southwestern coast. It's a popular tourist destination in the area thanks to its scenic beaches and plentiful choices in activities, notably shelling and biking. Many people visit Sanibel Island specifically to shell. The island is known as being a hub for many diverse varieties of beautiful shells, after all. Sand dollars are also common on Sanibel Island.

Beast Beaches

If you're looking for a quiet, tranquil beach that also happens to be terrific for shelling, Bowman's Beach might just make a great choice for you. Tarpon Bay Beach is also a pleasant and peaceful Sanibel Island beach. West Gulf Beach is yet another top-notch beach for Sanibel Island visitors who are looking for some sand, sun, and sparkling waters. Other A+ beach options on Sanibel Island include Turners Beach, Blindpass Beach, Gulfside Beach, and Lighthouse Beach. Most of the island's beaches are open to the public.

Fun Festivals

If you're lucky enough to visit beautiful Sanibel Island, you might get the chance to stop by some of the area's finest events and gatherings. The Sanibel Luminary Festival is just one such example. When this festival happens, the entire island literally lights up with candles, just as the name indicates. If you want to walk on the beach while gazing at an array of gorgeous lights, this might be a "must-see" Sanibel Island event for you. This isn't the only event that takes place on Sanibel Island every year, however. When you visit the island, try to take advantage of all the events and opportunities in front of you, whether they relate to arts and crafts, shelling, sports, or anything else. If you're a big fan of the breathtaking beauty of shells, then you might want to visit Sanibel Island during the Shell Fair in March.

Best Time to Visit

Although Sanibel Island is beautiful all year long, its peak season begins in December and ends in April. If you go to Sanibel Island during that time, then you'll probably be lucky enough to experience A+ temperatures, generally in the 70s. When you visit Sanibel Island during its peak season, you get the chance to witness the lively energy of the area. If you opt to visit Sanibel Island outside of its peak season, however, you might be able to save significantly on hotels. Hotel rates in May and June tend to be relatively cheap. Note, however, that June in Sanibel Island is often extremely wet. If you're not too fond of persistent rain, then you might want to visit Sanibel Island at another time.

Not only is Sanibel Island an excellent place for basking in the sun and going for a swim, but it's also a terrific destination for people who enjoy eating well. Sanibel Island is home to many restaurants that serve all types of cuisine, whether all-American, seafood, Mexican, or Italian. If you want to unwind from a day of water sports and sunbathing at the beach with some yummy nosh, then Sanibel Island might be ideal for you.

Last Updated: January 29, 2015