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Popular Plays on Broadway in 2016

1. 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time'

Noted for its impressive visual effects and its portrayal of a main character who has Asperger-like symptoms, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time has been a hit with both audiences and critics. Based on the novel of the same name, it follows 15-year-old Christopher as he tries to figure out what happened to his neighbor's dead dog. Alex Sharp, who originally played the lead, won a Tony Award for his performance in 2015 becoming the youngest best actor winner ever.

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2. 'The Humans'

A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize (losing to fellow Broadway resident Hamilton), The Humans won the 2016 Tony Award for Best Play. Though the plot, a family having Thanksgiving dinner, might sound short and dull, this thought-provoking work examines larger universal questions, such as economic well-being and aging. While these may seem like immensely heavy topics, the production can be just as humorous as it is serious.

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3. 'An Act of God'

Originally starring Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory, Sean Hayes has now taken over the titular role in An Act of God. To say that this play is very funny is an understatement, as it follows God prescribing us a new set of commandments because much has changed since the days of Moses. If you're wanting a passive Broadway experience, this might not be the play for you seeing as how audience members are often brought into the action throughout the production.

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4. 'Fully Committed'

While Fully Committed might not be a new play, Modern Family  star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is new to the role...and plays all of the characters (40 in all). As the main character Sam, he takes reservations at a high-end NYC restaurant, making sure that he gets all of the peculiar requests from A-listers just right. JTF transitions through chefs, assistants, and socialites with ease and humor, and the laughs are just as numerous as the characters that he plays.

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5. 'The Crucible'

Saoirse Ronan, fresh from her Oscar-nominated performance in Brooklyn, joins an updated cast for a retelling of Arthur Miller's famous The Crucible. While it may be sunny and summer outside on the streets of NYC, it's a hauntingly frightful time inside the Walter Kerr Theatre. You might have seen a scary movie or two in your day, but have you ever seen a scary play (and not from bad performances)? When a 50-year-old play becomes a hit with audiences again, you know they've got the recipe just right.

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