Popular New Orleans Restaurants

New Orleans is famous for their culture-rich cuisines and entertaining restaurants. Depending on what district you are in, you can find anything from seafood to famous Greek dishes. Taking time to enjoy some of the local cuisines is an important part of visiting the city. Local dishes are always a hit amongst not only tourists, but the locals enjoy them as well.

The Convention Area

The Convention Area is basically the business district of New Orleans. If you are in the area, it is important that you eat at the Grand Isle Restaurant or the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant. If you are traveling with your children, the Grand Isle Restaurant is the more appropriate restaurant to dine at.

The Grand Isle Restaurant is a casual to fine dining restaurant. The staff only serves dishes that are straight from the Gulf of Mexico, and they are proud that they are able to do that. Supporting local business owners is important to the people who own, operate and work at the Grand Isle.

The Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant offers quite a treat. The place is a casual dining restaurant that brews its own beer on location. There are very few restaurants anywhere that can lay claim to serving their own beer brand, and this restaurant is able to claim that title.

The Garden District

The Garden District is where many of the parks and botanical attractions are located. The area is a great place for families or individuals because there is something here for everyone. Pascal’s Manale and Byblos Mediterranean Cuisine are two must visit places if you are in the Garden District of New Orleans.

Pascal’s Minale is known as an oyster bar, but there is more to the restaurant than meets the eye. Pascal’s is famous for the wide variety of bar-b-q shrimp dishes that are on the menu. The staff is always trying out new flavors and ways to cook the shrimp, so the menu is constantly being updated.

The French Quarter

The French Quarter is a great place for family adventures during the day, or experiencing New Orleans nightlife during the evenings. The area offers many places to stop and try out some local dishes, but the Bombay Club and Antoine’s are two of the places that should definitely be on everyone’s itinerary.

The Bombay Club is not only a restaurant, but it is a place for local jazz artists to be discovered and heard. The candlelit interior is a great setting for a romantic dinner for two, or just a relaxing meal with family and friends. The large menu offers dishes that everyone will enjoy.

Antoine’s is somewhere to go if you are looking to experience fine dining at its finest. Since 1840, the restaurant has made quite a name for itself because of the famous French creole cuisines that are offered here. Antoine’s is a great place to visit if you are looking for something a little on the high end.

Byblos Mediterranean Cuisine is a Greek style restaurant that is known for the fabulous lamb dishes that are served. The dishes have high rankings in many restaurant reviews for good reasons. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the restaurant is a great place to stop if you are looking to enjoy something a little out of the norm.

Dining should always be enjoyed because there are so many variations in the dishes that are prepared. Taking time to enjoy the meal is just as important as picking which restaurants that you are going to eat in. New Orleans is a city that houses many cultures, and the foods are just as diverse.

Last Updated: January 26, 2015