Popular Attractions in New Orleans

If you are planning on visiting the city of New Orleans, you are sure to enjoy every single minute of your stay. There are just so many different sites and attractions to take in, not to mention the food is incredible and there is so much history. With that being said, you only have a certain amount of time to visit the city, which is exactly why you need to know what sites to hit up first and what sites you can take in the next time you are in the city.

The French Quarter

Obviously, this is the first (and sometimes only) stop you need to take in while in the city. You've probably heard of Bourbon Street before, but it is not the only street in the French Quarter. There are all sorts of different hotels, restaurants and museums spread throughout the region, so if you want to have an excellent location that is not right in the heart of all the attention and street parties, you can opt into a hotel that is off of Bourbon Street and you are looking to enjoy it while you save money on the sticker price.

City Park

The City Park, situated in New Orleans, is a total of 1300 acres, situated right in the heart of the city. From the beautiful, antique carousel that is perfect for the kids to the New Orleans Museum of Art that is located in the park, there is all sorts of different sites and attractions that you can take in, all while you are visiting the city for business or for leisure.

Audubon Institute Parks and Attractions

The Audubon is an excellent stop over if you have kids with you. The zoo is impressive and it is located right on Canal Street, which is by the edge of the French Quarter. This way, you can at least take in the French Quarter and the Audubon, all without the same short time frame. Best of all, you are even able to check out the Aquarium of the Americas, which is just a short walk down on the Mississippi River.

The Garden District

If you love flowers, gardens and just strolling through peaceful locations, the Garden District is a perfect addition to your stopover in New Orleans. Here, you are going to walk past breathtaking mansions and incredible magnolia trees, all while simply enjoying life. While it is only 10 minutes away from the French Quarter, you are going to find it is completely different, so if you want a breath of fresh air from the noise and partying that takes throughout the day and night on Bourbon Street, the Garden District is exactly what you want to experience and take in.

There are all sorts of different sights and sounds to experience when visiting New Orleans. Of course, you are going to find that there are many different opportunities to experience something new, and while you probably don't have time to check out everything you might want; these are some of the most desirable spots in the city.

Last Updated: January 08, 2015