the sydney opera house is lit up at night in front of the sydney harbour bridge

Must-See Attractions in Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia's largest cities, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The seaside metropolis is known for its wealth of cultural attractions, distinctive wild life, and wide array of culinary delights. Here are seven very popular attractions for those on holiday in Sydney.

  1. Sydney Opera House

    The expressionist performing arts complex originally designed by Jørn Utzon sits along the Sydney Harbor as one of the city's most prominent landmarks. The center houses Opera Australia, Australian Ballet, Sydney Theater, as well as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Even if you do not have tickets to one of these venues, you can still take in the ambiance by taking the backstage tour. The cost of the Backstage Tour is $165, and breakfast is included for the tour that begins at 7:00 am. The tour requires participants to be in fairly good physical shape because of the numerous stairs within the structure, and children 12 years and under are not permitted on the tour.

  2. Bondi Beach

    The warm turquoise waters at Bondi Beach are as well-known as the area's surrounding restaurants and shops. It is arguably known as the most famous beach on the continent and is a prime destination for surfers, swimmers, and sun bathers. Although Bondi Beach attracts many people throughout the day, some visitors choose to avoid the crowds by arriving early enough to experience some of the most amazing sunrise views in the world.

  3. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

    Even if you do not scuba dive, you have the opportunity to discover some of Australia's native aquatic life up close. This family friendly venue is both fun and educational for visitors of all ages. Highlights of the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium include the replica of the Great Barrier Reef, a crocodile exhibit and a seal sanctuary. Adults can expect to pay $40 per ticket, and the price of a child's ticket is $30; discounted rates are available online for those who plan ahead.

  4. Sydney Tower

    Want a panoramic view of all that Sydney has to offer? If so, then it is time for you to head for the Sydney Tower Eye. Besides experiencing some breathtaking views of the city skyline, harbors, and coast lines, you can dine and pick up a few mementos at the gift shop within this urban chic structure that stands at a dizzying 1,014 feet. The entrance fee for the Sydney Tower Eye at the gate is $30 and $15 for adults and children respectively, but you can save up to 30% by purchasing tickets online before arriving at the attraction.

  5. Royal Botanic Gardens

    Just steps away from Sydney's bustling business district is a verdant oasis known as the Royal Botanic Garden. The garden's 30 plus hectares of lush foliage, fragrant blooms and even themed floral rooms provide ample space to stretch your legs and sample some of Australia's natural beauty. You can take the free guided walking tours daily starting at 10:30 am or join the Aboriginal Heritage Tours on Friday at 10:30 am which honor the indigenous inhabitants' connection to the land. The cost of the Aboriginal Heritage Tour is $35 per adult and $15 for students and children.

  6. Fort Denison

    History buffs will love to explore the unique military fort that sits right in the middle of Sydney Harbor. Fort Denison is located on a small island and offers amazing views from its historic Martello tower. Guided tours are available for $15 for adults and children respectively, and you can also explore the island independently on a self guided tour. Arguably, the best time to visit is for Sunday brunch at the restaurant at 10:45 am which is just enough time to sample the culinary delights and hear the sounding of the Martello cannon at 1:00 pm while exploring the fort in the afternoon.

  7. Sydney Fish Market and Seafood School

    Sydney is surrounded by some of the most famous waters in the world so it is no wonder that the seafood markets are filled with amazing catches each day. The Sydney Fish Market and Seafood School combined efforts to give guests a taste of Australia's marine bounty and lessons on how to cook the tasty delights. The meals are memorable in more ways than one because you take the recipes and cooking techniques home with you as souvenirs. The cost of a two-hour cooking class is about $85.

Last Updated: June 28, 2017