How To Get Around in New Orleans

New Orleans is an excellent city to visit as there is just so much history and excitement flowing through the streets. Of course, when planning a trip it is important to determine how you are going to make it around the city and what is going to work best for you and anyone else you are traveling with. Due to this, you really need to know what options you have available to you. Some are going to work better than others, and some simply you do not need to entertain at all. Thankfully, there are a few different methods of getting around New Orleans that you always have a plan B.

Renting a Car

Renting a car is an option for just about anywhere, but unless you think you are going to be heading out of the city for different trips, you really don't need to rent a vehicle. In fact, the entire city is pretty much set up to walk around. There are many different options so when you do need to travel outside of the city you are able to. Due to this, you never have to worry about where to park a car or how to drive to a certain location. Parking in the city is not very desirable and is going to cost you a good amount of money. Instead, you might as well just take a cab instead and save the extra cash.


Speaking of taxi, when you want to get to a distance that is further away, the taxis are available to you and are going to offer some extremely desirable methods of transportation. There are other options, but when you just don't want to wait around for it at all, this is going to work for you.


The ferry is a method of transportation that is free for both pedestrians and cars. The ferry takes you across the river from Canal to Algiers Point. This is going to give you great views of the downtown French Quarter. Of course, you might not actually have anything to do on the other side, but it is worth wild to just take in the views and truly understand where you are and what is going on in the city around you.


The bus car system is rather desirable, as it can take you to just about anywhere throughout the city. You can even purchase a discount pas that is going to give you a break in price, if you believe you are going to ride it a good amount. A $20 pass gives you full, unlimited access for five days. On top of this, you can use the streetcar system as well, which is not a National Historic Landmark and one of the few running streetcar systems in the United States. It is also just a fun way to see the downtown city as well. It isn't extensive, but chances are, unless you are from San Francisco, you probably don't have functioning streetcar systems where you live.

Last Updated: January 08, 2015