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How to Find Student Travel Deals

If you’re looking to save money on student airline tickets, it’s crucial to take the time to search and compare rates in order to get the best deals. While it definitely takes some effort and patience, it’s very possible to find big savings simply by searching at online airline booking engines. There are also programs for saving money on student airline tickets, such as student travel cards, group airfare discounts and frequent flyer programs.

International Student Travel Card

Obtain an International Student Identity Card from ISIC. The card is the leading internationally recognized student identification for all full-time students in the United States that are 12 to 26 years of age. Card holders can take advantage of thousands of discounts in both the U.S. and overseas. The program proposes savings for bus fares, hotel lodging, airfare, car rentals, museums, food, shopping, and much more.

To sign up for the ISIC student savings program, you will be required to pay a fee and show your student ID and passport photo. The application procedure can take up to four weeks. In addition, ISIC also provides travel savings cards for teachers and individuals under the age of 30.

Group Discounts for Pupils

Numerous travel agencies, along with online flight booking websites, offer student group rates. This can propose big savings for students who travel together. Numerous schools and organizations book trips for educational outings and sporting events. There are various worldwide tour organization websites available, which present group discounts for students and faculty members.

These websites can get you and your group some of the best deals possible for hotels, airline tickets, travel protection, and tour buses. All it requires is to enter the information required on a request form and submit it. In several days, someone will get in touch with you about the best group travel packages they have to offer.

Discounted Airline Tickets for College Students

University students normally don’t have a lot of spare money to spend on traveling. If you’re a college student looking for savings on airline tickets, you realize how difficult it is to save money after paying, tuition and rooming. However, discount prices on airline fare can be found at online booking search engines.

The biggest price cuts are usually found during the weekdays or by scheduling flights months in advance. On occasion, last minute deals on unfilled seats can also be found, which is great for students who need to travel immediately. Still, you can find more special fares if you’re flexible on travel dates, agree to fly to a smaller airport or willing to fly standby.

Frequent Flyer Programs

If you’re a student who flies often, you may want to take advantage of frequent flyer programs, which are offered by many of the major airlines. These individual airline programs present many rewards and airfare savings to their regular customers. Therefore, if you fly regularly, you will want to stick to the same airline company that flies to the destinations you frequent the most in order to benefit from the savings.

On the other hand, various airlines permit you to for consolidate your miles, which allows for a more rapid rate of collecting travel rewards. Frequent flyer programs allow you to save on just about everything that has to do with traveling.

Last Updated: April 02, 2015