clouds roll over the appalachian mountains

Family-Friendly Hiking on the Appalachian Trail

When many people think of the Appalachian Trail, they think of challenging trails for expert hikers. However, there are many trails throughout this beautiful range that are perfect for families with children. Why not make hiking in the Appalachians into a family activity that everyone will look forward to?

  1. Bear Den Mountain

    Shenandoah National Park, Waynesboro, Virginia

    At 2.2 miles, this is an easy hike for most people that offers plenty of opportunities to see wildlife and enjoy being out in the lush meadows. The panoramic views are perfect for anyone who wants to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Hawks migrate through here in the fall, a perfect treat for bird lovers.

  2. Table Rock

    Dauphin, Pennsylvania

    The hike on this trail is easy, with 4.2 miles of round trip trail to enjoy. The Table Rock Outlook offers one of the best views of the area. You'll find that the outlook and adjacent outcrop are perfect picnic spots.

  3. Wayah Bald

    Franklin, North Carolina

    The distance is 0.3 miles, yet you'll get a good experience out of this short distance. A historic fire lookout tower is available, with some of the best views in the region. You can see five distinct mountain ranges from this vantage point.

  4. Little and Big Niagra Falls

    Millinocket, Maine

    This interesting trail is found in Baxter State Park and covers 2.6 miles. People of all ages will enjoy seeing how the logging industry used Nesowadnechunk Stream and the West Branch Penobscot River to float the logs back in the 1800's. Bring your fishing equipment, the pools below the falls have some great brook trout fishing.

  5. C&O Canal Towpath

    Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

    The trail ranges from 1 to 5.4 miles round trip, depending on how much of the trail you decide to follow. Spending time in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is a great way to appreciate local Civil War history. Another highlight of the trail is John Brown's Fort.

  6. Wachipauka Pond

    Glencliff, New Hampshire

    You'll find that this 4.2 trail offers a moderate challenge and great scenic views. The pond is found two miles along the trail, and it's a nice place for a swim. This is a great opportunity for a hot summer day when you want to get away from it all.

  7. The Cobbles

    Cheshire, Massachusetts

    The 2.8-mile trail offers fascinating glimpses into the area's history, from an 1800's Cheshire cheese press replica to a bridge that passes over the Hoosic River. Because part of the trail goes through a residential area, you'll be able to treat it as an adventure for your kids as they work hard to find the wooded part of the trail. Logging and motorcycle trails run through here.

Last Updated: June 06, 2017