visitors stand at a Yosemite overlook point

Exploring the Outdoors: Yosemite Excursions

Yosemite National Park has some of the nation’s most breathtaking scenery. You can spend many days exploring this park. There are countless things to do and places to explore, no matter who you are with or what type of outdoor activities you prefer. The following are some of the most exciting and beautiful options when you are visiting Yosemite.

Go Rafting or Kayacking

Yosemite has some of the most scenic rafting you will find anywhere. Merced River Canyon gives you incredible views of the park that you would not be able to experience any other way. The difficulty of the rafting varies according to the time of year. During summer, it is rated Levels 2 and 3, which is suitable for anyone who is up for an adventure. In spring, however, the difficulty can reach Level 4, which is more suitable for experienced rafters. Kayacking can be done at Tenaya Lake, which has calm waters that are appropriate for people of all experience levels.

Visit The Ahwahnee Hotel

Yosemite has its own unique hotel, which was built in 1925. This elegant hotel was built to fit in perfectly with its natural surroundings. It was built in one of the park’s most beautiful areas, close to attractions such as Glacier Point, Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. The Ahwahnee offers a variety of comfortable accommodations as well as world class dining.

See General Sherman

This refers to the tree, not the actual general whom the giant sequoia was named after. The General Sherman is famous for being one of the largest and oldest trees on the planet, with a height of 275 feet or 83.8 meters. Its age has been estimated at more than 2,300 years. Yosemite has recently created a new trail to the General Sherman, giving visitors a more enjoyable walk to see this magnificent tree.

Go Ziplining

Zip Yosemite gives you the opportunity to see the park from above and make your tour a bit of an adventure. There are several zipline tours that provide incomparable views of the park. Ziplining is an exciting yet safe way to enjoy the natural beauty of Yosemite. This is an activity that you should book well in advance, as it’s quite popular and spots get filled quickly.

See Yosemite on Horseback

If you want to see Yosemite the way pioneers did over a century ago, you can go horseback riding or ride on top of a mule. The park has stables which offer guided horse and mule tours. These tours are available from Yosemite Valley and other scenic areas in the park. You can take a tour that lasts a couple of hours or all day long.

These are just some of the amazing activities that are offered at Yosemite National Park. There is no one best way to see the park. What you prefer will depend on the time of year as well as the age, experience and physical fitness of visitors. Anyone who appreciates natural beauty, though, will find a great deal to admire at Yosemite.

Last Updated: January 09, 2015