Exploring Epcot

Epcot is one of the most popular vacation spots for families. As one of four Disney theme parks, Epcot is one of the most beloved parks of the four. Located in Orlando, Florida, every family should make it a point to plan a trip to this wonderful theme park and resort. Even those who do not appreciate roller coasters and rides will love the array of restaurants that are available in the park.

Most Popular Attractions at Epcot

Children love the Mission: Space ride. The ride provides families with the chance to take a mission to Mars and is a thrilling experience. Kids also love the Test Track, which features numerous cars that can driven at high-speeds.

Parents can even make a visit to the American Adventure show to give children a bit of a history lesson. The American Adventure show reveals the most important events in American history. Everyone should make it a point to visit this show.

After visiting the American Adventure show, kids may be ready for the thrilling ride of a roller coast. The Sum of Thrills is a popular rollercoaster in the theme park. Parents should be aware that each rollercoaster in the theme park has a height requirement of 48" to 54".

Best Time to Visit Epcot

Families may want to avoid visiting Epcot during school breaks or holiday seasons. During spring break or winter break, the wait time for rides can be as much as one hour. The experts who maintain the Epcot blog recommend choosing to visit the theme park during the week in the months of April, May, January, February and early December. During these months, families will experience the shortest wait times for rides.

The Epcot experts warn families that the high season for the theme park is June, July and August. Most American families choose to vacation during these months and make a trip to Epcot.

Also, families should be aware of weather conditions. If there are hurricane warnings or severe rain, families should wait until the next clear day to visit the park.

How to Navigate Epcot

Navigating Epcot is very easy. Maps are disbursed throughout the park, and guides are also available to help families find rides or other attractions. If you wish to visit the other Disney parks, Epcot is connected to the Magic Kingdom by the Walt Disney World Monorail System. There are two monorail tracks. The Epcot monorail station is located just outside the main gates of the park entrance. This track circles the park and connects to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) near Disney's Polynesian Resort. A transfer is needed at the TTC to the Magic Kingdom track that circles the Seven Seas Lagoon and takes visitors to the Magic Kingdom park gates, as well as through some of Disney's most opulent resort hotels.

Tricks to Know

If you are visiting Epcot, it is vital to try to get one of the fast passes. A fast pass enables individuals to cut lines at the theme park. Fast passes are given out early in the morning. Certain rides also have fast passes, such as Test Track, Maelstorm, Soarin and Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Character meals can also give kids a chance to have lunch with one of the Disney princesses or other characters.

Preparation for Your Trip

To prepare for your trip, make sure that you have a plan of every event and ride you wish to visit. You should also research meal options before your time at Epcot. Various meal plans are available to reduce the cost of meals at the theme park.

Last Updated: July 11, 2017