the setting sun hits the front of a large cabin along the appalachian trail

Cozy Cabins Along the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail originates on Springer Mountain in Georgia and transverses 14 states on its 2,185 mile journey north to a final stop on Mount Katahdin in Maine. Whether you’re just looking for a day hike, a weekend adventure, or you’re traversing the entire trail as a thru-hiker, here are some great places, from rustic to luxurious, where you can rest along your journey.


  1. Georgia

    Visit Amicalola Falls State Park and Lodge. The state park boasts the largest cascading falls in the Southeast. Enjoy hotel accommodations at the popular lodge or choose many of the more rustic options from the cottages and Hike Inn. Accommodations include:


    • 829 acres
    • 56-room lodge & conference center
    • 14 cottages, 2 of which are dog-friendly ($45 per dog, max 2)
    • 25 tent, trailer, and RV campsites
    • 20-room Hike Inn
    • 4 picnic shelters
    • group shelter (seats 75)
    • mountain-view eestaurant
    • visitor center
    • gift shops
  2. Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania

    The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) helps to run and maintain many cabins throughout the region. Some of their cabins are available to the public, and you can reserve them through their website. Become a member for a nominal fee, and you will have access to many more modern cabins that the club maintains, as well.

    Some PATC cabins to research include:

    • Range View Cabin (Primitive style, Shenandoah National Park, North District)
    • Doyle’s River Cabin (Primitive style, Shenandoah National Park, South District)
    • Bears Den Cottage (Semi-primitive style, Bluemont, VA)
    • Bear Spring Cabin (Primitive style, Middletown, MD)
    • Anna Michener Cabin (Primitive style, Michaux State Forest, PA)

    Primitive cabins have no electricity or running water and constitute the majority of the cabins available.

  3. Massachusetts

    A great option between rustic and fully-staffed accommodations is the Noble View Outdoor Center managed by the Appalachian Mountain Club. The Outdoor Center is located just off the Appalachian Trail near Russell, MA. They have multiple cabin options including several with electricity, insulation, kitchens, and bedrooms. They also have a Bath House with hot showers, toilets, and dish washing areas.

    The Double Cottage accommodates 18 guests in 2 wings; each wing has 4 bedrooms and its own large open common area with couches and chairs. The kitchen/dining room is self-service with 2 gas stoves and 2 refrigerators, each to be shared by 9 guests per wing. The North Cottage will accommodate 10 guests in 4 private bedrooms of various bed combinations. This cottage features electricity, a large common area, and kitchen with 6-burner gas range and refrigerator. Potable water is available at Bath House. The Bath House has hot showers, sinks, flush composting toilets, dish washing areas, and the latest in green technology featuring solar electricity and heating. Camping areas with fire rings and wood supplied are nearby, as are options for swimming, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and camping.

  4. New Hampshire and Maine

    The Appalachian Mountain Club also maintains eight High Mountain huts within the rugged White Mountains in New Hampshire and Maine. These huts are between a cabin and a lodge and are suitable for families or large groups. In season they are often full-service with meals provided and are self-serve in the off-season. All promise incredible views and comfortable accommodations, even one above timberline on the eastern slope of Mt. Washington

The Appalachian Trail is one our national treasures. Its stunning beauty can be enjoyed by beginning hikers, children, day trippers, and the hard-core thru-hiker. With a little research on weather, trail conditions, and lodging, you can have a wonderful experience. So grab your boots, a snack, and a map, and get out there!

Last Updated: June 06, 2017