A mosaic wall in the La Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City.

Condesa's 6 Best Hotels in Mexico City

Condesa is a small neighborhood, located right next to the bohemian streets of Roma and the funky, artsy Hipodromo just to the east. Like Roma, Condesa is an artsy hipster neighborhood. Despite the fact that this is a mostly residential area, there are a ton of restaurants and nightclubs here. Because Mexico City cherishes specificity, La Condesa is actually broken down into three colonias: Colonia Condesa, Colonia Hipodromo, and Colonia Condesa Hipodromo.

  1. Condesa DF
    Condesa DF is a boutique hotel offering a handful of rooms in a great neighborhood, complete with a screening room and a restaurant offering Japanese-Mexican fusion cuisine. The rooms make great use of the space available but, nonetheless, are on the smaller side, and some guests have complained about sound carrying from room to room. Still, the hotel is beautiful—bright colors and lots of light—and the amenities can get intense. The top suite includes the use of a BMW house car, and guests say that the rooftop lounge is a winner.
  2. Hotel Villa Condesa
    Hotel Villa Condesa is another boutique, with only 15 rooms, in a renovated old home. Hotel Villa is less expensive than the nearby Condesa DF, but the general consensus among guests is that they leave with a stronger sense of having gotten their money's worth. Sites like Expedia and TripAdvisor give Hotel Villa fewer stars than DF, but the visitors rate it more highly, citing helpful staff, a beautiful location, great Wi-Fi, and more. There is a restaurant with retractable glass walls, allowing it to offer indoor or outdoor dining depending on the weather.
  3. Maria Condesa
    Mario Condesa is a boutique hotel with about 15 rooms and spa suites. You may be noticing a recurring theme among Condesa accommodations. The rooms are furnished with bedding designed by Mexican design house Piñeda Covalin, and much of the rest of the room is left neutral to accentuate that fact. The rooms are spacious, but, as with DF and Hotel Villa, guests mentioned noise as an issue. Terré Restaurant filters Spanish and French cuisine through Mexican ingredients and chef Azari Basin's personal spin, while Bar Maruka offers a wide range of tequilas, mescals, and more.
  4. Condesa Haus
    There are many beautiful boutiques in Condesa, but the rooms in Condesa Haus may be the most striking. Each one is decorated uniquely—actually uniquely, enough that guests tend to indicate which room is their favorite in their reviews of the hotel. The converted home lends a sense of history, and flat-screen LCD TVs coexist alongside clawfoot tubs in a way that's deliberate, rather than accidental. The service is phenomenal, and breakfast is provided.
  5. Stayinn Barefoot Condesa
    For a slight change of pace, Stayinn Barefoot Condesa is a hostel. Of course, the accommodation won't be anything like the boutiques that dot Condesa and Roma, but the communal showers and bathrooms are numerous enough that the wait isn't bad, breakfast is provided, and you can book it as cheaply as $15 per night, depending on the website through which you book your stay.
  6. The Red Tree House
    The Red Tree House is a bed and breakfast that sits in a 1930s home in Colonia Hipodromo. It offers a wide variety of rooms, from the garden rooms to the tiny-with-a-great-view Treehouse. There are even more rooms located in an annex in a home across the street. The place is family owned, and their stated goal is to make sure that guests feel like they're part of that family. Judging from what people have to say about the place, they've succeeded. The Wi-Fi is great, the breakfasts are basically home-cooked meals, and the happy hour is incredibly generous—it more or less consists of sitting around drinking free beer and wine with the owners' family and the fellow guests.

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Last Updated: October 25, 2016