Budget-Friendly Options in Boston

Traveling to Boston has never really been known as a budget-friendly experience. The city of Boston is known for its high prices on everything from lodging to entertainment, but that is a part of history now. From the local hostel to the free summer concerts, Boston has a ton of budget-friendly ideas for everyone.

Once you get to Boston, the first thing that you need to do is purchase a bus and metro pass. The pass costs $20, and you will be able to go anywhere in Boston throughout the duration of your stay. If you want to spend an extra $5, you can purchase a map so that you are able to determine the route that you should take. Knowing your route will make your trip much more enjoyable.


When it comes to food, Dulu is the place to go. The take-out only restaurant is great for on the go eating, and you are guaranteed to eat any meal on the menu for under $10. If you are not interested in a take-out only menu, you are welcome to visit and purchase a restaurant gift certificate at a fraction of the value. Sometimes, the site has $25 gift certificates for only $4.


Local attractions that can be taken in for free are abundant in Boston. If you want to see live entertainers, Faneuil Hall is the place to be. There are several street performances throughout the day, and they are all free of charge. While you can get away with paying nothing, tips are always welcomed. The Hatch Shell offers free, live concerts during the summer months. This is a great place to go and meet people like you while enjoying a live show, but that is not all that Boston has to offer. The Improv Asylum Nightcap offers free shows at 11:00 pm, and they are generally very funny and entertaining. If you are more interested in history than that Asylum can offer, you may want to take a stroll down the Freedom Trail. The two mile stretch is guided with signs and plaques explaining the history of the area, and it is free of charge.


Depending on whether you want to stay in a hotel or hostel, you can find cheap lodging prices in Boston as well. The Friend Street Hostel is a great place to stay if you do not mind sharing a dorm room with 10 other strangers. The hostel has beds available for as low as $44 per night, and you are able to meet other like-minded people. The Charlesmark Hotel is more ideal for families because you will actually only room with each other. The rates at the hotel start as low as $73 per night, depending on availability.

Boston does not have to be considered an expensive city to visit any longer. With cheap room rates, free entertainment and great food prices, people are able to visit and enjoy while on a low budget trip. Boston should definitely be on every person’s vacation itineraries.

Last Updated: August 13, 2014