Booming Trends in Boomer Travel

With the freedom that comes from retirement and the savings that follow after children leave home, it is no wonder that people over the age of 50 seize their opportunity to see the world. Baby boomers spend over $1.2 billion each year on foreign and domestic travel, so they are becoming a demographic for anyone in the tourism business to cater to. How do you know what draws them to a particular destination? Let’s examine some recent travel trends for baby boomers.

Multigenerational Travel

Many baby boomers choose to give back to their children and grandchildren by taking them on trips that they would not normally be able to experience. For important occasions such as holidays and graduations, families are taking trips together, either exploring this country or venturing to others. In many cases, older Americans can take their families to places where they went when they were younger, sharing their experience about the history of the destination and marvel at how it has changed.

Destination Weddings

As the internet becomes more engrained in our society, more and more websites are tailoring to the needs of older Americans. The app OurTime encourages baby boomers who are single to date and eventually remarry. In order to make their wedding as memorable as possible, many couples are opting for foreign destinations. These often take the form of beach resorts so that guests are able to enjoy themselves while they celebrate the union of the happy couple.

Religious Trips

Each year, nearly a million people over the age of 50 travel for religious reasons. This could include venturing to the Holy Land in the Middle East, enjoying the Medieval cathedrals across Europe, or any number of other spiritual destinations. While Christians account for the majority of these visitors, other faiths are taking part in these religious pilgrimages as well.

Adventure Travel

To prove that they are in upstanding physical condition, many baby boomers are choosing to have more active vacations. Rather than lounging around the pool, they are scuba diving, mountain climbing, and skiing. This is a great way to get the adrenaline flowing and experience a different perspective of the world. Adventure travel accounts for nearly $90 million spent annually.

Culinary Cruises

From a cruise, you can see the world without ever leaving the comforts that come along with a luxury hotel. On a culinary cruise, baby boomers can try exotic foods and fine wines while appreciating the seaside views. These cruises typically provide live entertainment and stop in various foreign cities so that you can explore a new part of the world without being in charge of the planning yourself. Cruises are a great way for empty nesters to get away from home and meet people with similar interests.

Medical Tourism

With age comes wisdom, but it also brings new medical issues. The best medicine is not always found locally. In fact, many older Americans are choosing to travel internationally to find alternative healing options. Health care facilities in the U.S. are often expensive and may not have the treatments you need. Many boomers turn to locations such as South America, South Africa, or East Asia to find their desired medical needs, oftentimes at discount prices.