visitors tour the colosseum ruins in rome

Best Tours of Rome, Italy

Thinking of taking a vacation in Rome? What knowledge do you have of this specific area of Italy? Any well-planned trip includes tours simply because you do not want to find yourself wandering the streets in an unknown place with nothing on your agenda. We all know that there are good tours and bad ones, let’s have a look at some with an exceptional reputation in Rome.

  1. Vatican Museum’s Walking Tour including Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Room, and St. Peter’s Basilica

    This tour is an excellent choice to get to know Michelangelo’s famous works of art. The three-hour tour begins at the Sistine Chapel, where you will see Michelangelo’s fresco “The Creation of Adam.“ During the St. Peter’s Basilica aspect of this tour, you will have a chance to see “La Pieta” which is another of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. This tour will cost an adult 61 Euros or about $79, which is a great investment being that you will view the world’s most extensive private collections of art.

  2. Coliseum and Ancient Rome Guided Tour

    This tour will take you through the ancient coliseum where you will listen to tales of the gladiators and watch bloody mock battles and executions. You can admire beautiful ruins as you make your way to the temple where Julius Caesar was cremated. Well worth its weight in gold, you can expect to spend 52 Euros or approximately $67.

  3. Naples and Pompeii Day Trip from Rome

    This tour takes in highlights such as the Royal Palace, San Carlo Opera House, and the sinister Castel Nuovo. After lunch in Pompeii a thrilling adventure awaits, you will explore the ancient ruins and imagine the terror felt almost 2,000 years ago when Mount Vesuvius erupted. This day trip costs about 122 Euros or nearly $158, a price well worth a 13-hour epic journey exploring some truly historical sites.

  4. Rome Angels and Demons Tour

    This unique tour is inspired by the novel by Dan Brown. You will take on the incredible mission of decoding the secret messages of the Illuminati, one of the most influential secret societies in history. Many of Rome's lesser known secrets are explored on this tour which climaxes at the top of Castel Sant Angelo with magnificent views over Rome. 56 Euros or $72 is nominal to delve into locations where pagan symbolism and Christianity intermingle.

  5. Rome Segway Tours

    This is an extraordinary way to see the breathtaking vistas of Rome. You will move between the sites at a fast pace allowing you to see more locations; however you are limited to outside views. You can explore Rome in this unique way for only 75 Euros ($97).

Rome is a place with so many picturesque scenes and archeological ruins that it is hard to decide on just one location. Some of the finest tours are listed above, but don’t let those be your limit, there are countless more available.

Last Updated: May 10, 2016