The 21c Museum Hotel is not only one of the best in Louisville, but also in the entire southern region.

Best Louisville Hotels

Louisville has an array of options from which visitors can choose to stay, but if you want to splurge on your next vacation, these hotels are the best of the best. With top-notch amenities that include all the bells and whistles, travelers will be able to relax in style while enjoying a nice nightcap of bourbon, of course.

Brown Hotel

The Brown Hotel has been a fixture of downtown Louisville since 1923, and its iconic Hot Brown sandwich has been around almost as long. Wash a Hot Brown down with a glass of bourbon and a slice of derby pie at the hotel's English Grill for the most deliciously-"Kentucky" meal of all time. Accommodations range from the small but well-appointed Club Classic room to the expansive, memorabilia-filled Muhammad Ali Suite. The hotel has entertained Hollywood royalty (and actual royalty) on a regular basis for the Kentucky Derby, so the friendliness of the staff is no surprise.

Galt House Hotel

Galt House Hotel is actually connected to the KFC Yum! Center, located near the Ohio River and the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. The hotel has a variety of intriguing rooms and packages, from suites on the waterfront to the "Urban Bourbon" package that makes a great kick-off for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Several businesses have set up shop in the Galt's two towers, including a spa, a salon, a UPS shipping center, and a rooftop workout center. Whether you're in town for business or pleasure, you wouldn't actually have to leave the Galt at any point if you didn't want to. Christmas at the Galt House is such a big deal that it has its own website, independent from the hotel, so if you're the kind of person who gets excited about Christmas, this might be a must-see. The one downside is that, barring some special package, you're going to pay for self-parking and for in-room Wi-Fi.

21c Museum Hotel

21c Museum Hotel has actually started to branch out into new locations across the country, but the original one is right here in Louisville. This unique hotel is designed around twin principles—bringing art into everyday life and Southern hospitality. The hotel doubles as a contemporary art museum, and its Proof on Main bar recently earned nods from Esquire as a "Best New Restaurant" and the Spirited Awards for "Best American Hotel Bar." The rooms are as well-designed as you'd imagine a museum hotel's to be, with several uniquely appointed suites, and the gift shop is stocked with an  emphasis on locally-sourced and sustainable gifts.

Seelbach Hilton

Founded in 1905 by Bavarian-born immigrant brothers, the Seelbach sought to bring old-world flair to Kentucky. They succeeded in spades. Many notable people have been drawn to the Seelbach, including F. Scott Fitzgerald before he was forcibly ejected. Tom and Daisy are married in a hotel inspired by the Seelbach in The Great Gatsby, and Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation shot several scenes here, accordingly. The hotel came under the Hilton banner in the 1990s, but it's still striving for the comfort that the original Seelbach tried to capture. Even the basic guest rooms are equipped with comforts like high-speed internet and an in-room safe, and that's before you even get to the suites or the Concierge Level.

Louisville Marriott Downtown

Connected by a skywalk to the Kentucky International Convention Center, the Louisville Marriott prides itself on upscale comfort. The basic rooms are nice for the price, but it's in the deluxe amenities that the Marriott really shines. Catch views of the river or of downtown Louisville before relaxing in your whirlpool tub. If you don't feel like room service, there's always the private butler's kitchen, and the concierge lounge offers snacks, breakfast, and desserts. In-room Wi-Fi is still going to cost you, but everything else is laid out for comfort.

Last Updated: November 04, 2015