colorful vacation rental properties dot the Greek coastline

Best Greek Vacation Rentals

While some travelers prefer visiting the main attractions of a city, hopping from plane to ferry to car, some travelers prefer non-stop relaxation. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a real sense of the people, history, and culture of a place during such a short visit. A vacation rental, however, allows travelers to stay for extended periods of time, usually in more residential locales with more exposure to locals. Staying at a vacation rental also provides you the ability to become immersed in all that Greece encompasses, not just what your hotel or resort includes. These Greek vacation rentals are certain to give travelers a sense of authenticity and home while enjoying Greece’s beautiful offerings.

  1. Villa Aqua

    Touted as one of the most exclusive resorts on the island of Mykonos, Villa Aqua is a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home on the Mediterranean bay of Agios Lazaros. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, large tanning area, spacious outdoor entertaining and dining space, hot tub, and infinity pool overlooking the bay. This property truly has everything you would expect from a top vacation rental, bringing the comfort of an all-inclusive resort to a private family or romantic setting.

  2. Periscope Villa

    When looking to visit the island of Santorini, many options are available, but the rental home aptly named 360 Santorini / Periscope Villa provides its guests with 360-degree views of the entire island. The modern and cozy feel of this villa is further enhanced by its location in the quaint, cliff-side village of Imerovigli. With 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and enough bed space for 10 people, this top Greek vacation rental home can comfortably accommodate groups of travelers or families.

  3. SK Place Anemos Villa

    Nestled in the bay of Almyrida surrounded by the White Mountains and the Aegean Sea, Anemos Villa Greek vacation rental is a clean, comfortable rental home perfect for families and friends wishing to explore the island of Crete. More specifically located in the modern, yet ancient city of Chania, this rental provides a home base for wandering the surrounding area and taking in all of the picturesque views of the island of Crete. If you feel like staying put, journey up to the covered terrace and enjoy the views from the third level of your very own Greek vacation rental home.

  4. Korianna House

    On the largest island in Western Greece lies the city of Cephalonia, surrounded by small treasures like the villa of Assos and Antisamos Beach, popular destinations for travelers of all ages, which are just a short 10-minute drive away. Take a step back in time by visiting nearby ancient cities and landmarks, or simply sunbathe by your own private pool in the exquisite Korianna House. This 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom home accommodates up to six people, so it’s perfect for your family or even a group of friends. Exquisitely furnished, Korianna House will render any explorer speechless with its modernity, comfort, and locale.

Last Updated: September 13, 2016