a family strolls the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida

Best Family Hotels in Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a beautiful spot on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida. The area attracts many visitors each year, and it offers several amazing places to visit and picturesque beaches. This great vacation destination is perfect for your entire family. When you are ready to rest a bit from all the fun you are having, you will be glad to know there are several family-friendly hotels.

  1. West Wind Inn

    If you are looking for a beautiful place to stay, then consider this family hotel. It has easy access to the beach, and the staff will make you feel like you are at home. There is a small refrigerator and microwave in most rooms so that you don't have to eat out all of the time. Plenty of umbrellas and tables surround the pool area, and there are back doors on the ground floor rooms that lead directly to the pool. This is a quiet location where you can relax with your family.

  2. Sanibel Inn

    With a pool that is surrounded by palm trees, lounge chairs and a gorgeous view of the ocean, your family will be in heaven when staying at this hotel. There is a small pond with fish and lily pads. A bartender serves drinks while you are in the pool, and the best thing about this service is that you can order items that are not alcoholic. The hotel has a tropical theme from the outside of the hotel to the decorations in the rooms. There is very little traffic around the hotel, so you don't have to worry about a lot of noise from cars. The staff keeps the rooms very clean, and they are willing to do everything to make your stay the best ever.

  3. Sanibel Siesta on the Beach

    Gorgeous plants and relaxing accommodations are only some of the reasons why your family should stay at this hotel located right on the beach. A beautiful pond surrounded by plants of green, pink and other colors is on the premises. A wooden walkway leads to the sands of the beach. While sitting on your balcony, you can view the sunset as it creates a shimmer on the water. There are new gas grills for those who like to cook out, and plenty of seating is available outside.

  4. Waterside Inn on the Beach

    This is a quaint location to stay at while you are in Sanibel. There are various buildings to stay in, each with its own theme and decorations. If you like riding a bike, then you will enjoy the on-site bike rental so that the family can explore the area on two wheels. Guests can use one of the BBQ grills, and there is a shuffleboard course that guests can enjoy. There are two pools to use, but they are small in size. This might be beneficial for families who have young children so that there are not as many people in the pool at the same time.

Last Updated: January 16, 2015