Animal Kingdom: The Wild Side of Disney

Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is one of the most unique parks of all the theme parks in Orlando. You will feel as though you have traveled to another part of the world as you explore this park. From getting up close and personal with the animals on safari to riding some of the best rides, this park is filled with entertainment and excitement.

The Animal Experiences

While the park is more than simply animals, these majestic creatures are absolutely the main attraction. You will be able to take an exciting safari ride through the African-inspired wildlife grounds at any point throughout the day. Another option, to get an even closer view of the animals, is to take a thrilling VIP Wild Africa Trek. Do not forget that you are now also able to take an exclusive nighttime safari. Such privileged guests will be able to experience the nocturnal animals with night vision goggles.


The attractions at Animal Kingdom are for people of all ages. It is believed by many that the roller coaster, Expedition Everest, is the best in all the parks with plenty of surprises throughout its twists and turns. In addition to such excitement, the shows are also amongst the favorites. You might attend the Lion King where many children are able to be an active part of the performance, and the park even has a spectacular night show that is unique from all the other parks.

Educational Experiences

Educational experiences exist at every turn in this adventurous park. You will explore different parts of Asia and Africa throughout your journey. Each area is an authentic replication of the original location. Even if you have never been to these regions of the world, you will feel as though you are visiting them for the first time. Everything has an authentic feeling from the souvenirs to the designs of the shops and rides. Also, you can walk any number of trails throughout the park for free and without lines to discover additional wildlife and to learn about all the species you discover along the way.


Before you begin, this is the largest of all the Disney parks by far; therefore, planning before you arrive is the best advice of all. It is important to note that this park is only accessible by vehicle or bus and parking is the same price as other parks; however, this parking fee does allow for you to come and go as you please without paying additional parking fees and it is good for parking at all other theme parks, as well. Another tip is that if you do not wish to walk around the park wet all day, save the Kali River Rapids for last.

Animal Kingdom is unlike any other Disney theme park in numerous ways. Whether you seek to explore the exciting continents of Africa and Asia or you wish to take the rides of your life, Animal Kingdom has plenty to do for those of all ages.

Last Updated: July 11, 2017