a picturesque view of a waterfall in yosemite national park

5 Best Tours of Scenic Yosemite

If you want to visit stunning Yosemite National Park with the utmost ease and convenience, then a guided tour might just be the way to go for you. Thankfully, you have many excellent choices in tours of the sprawling all-American natural attraction.

  1. Yosemite Grand Tour

    If you want to experience an entire day of gazing at wondrous scenery, then the Yosemite Grand Tour might be right up your alley. When you embark on this tour, you get the opportunity to check out everything from the scenic valley views of Glacier Point to Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. At Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, you'll be able to see roughly 500 of these massive trees. If you wish to enjoy Yosemite in-depth, then consider going on this extensive tour.

  2. Yosemite Valley Floor Tour

    If the idea of a glacial valley fascinates you, then you might want to look into the Yosemite Valley Floor Tour. While this tour is relatively short at two hours long, it packs a lot into the available time. People on this tour can learn a lot about the area's animals, plants, geology, and past. If you're more comfortable with Spanish, you can even ask a tour representative about getting an audio tour, which is available for no extra fee.

  3. Big Trees Tram Tour

    Like the Yosemite Valley Floor Tour, the Big Trees Tram Tour is also comparatively brief. The duration of the tour is just a little more than one hour. If you want to investigate the intrigue of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, this tour might be perfect for you. If you want to revel in stunning natural scenery and learn about these immense trees' lengthy pasts, consider going on this tram tour.

  4. Glacier Point Tour

    For a four hour excursion into Glacier Point and the majestic valley, the Glacier Point Tour is hard to beat. If you want to take in sweeping views of Vernal Falls and Yosemite Falls, then this tour might make a memorable experience for you. If you're feeling particularly energetic, you might even want to consider hiking back down after you leave Glacier Point. If that's the case, ask the tour representatives about purchasing a single-way ticket rather than a round-trip one.

  5. Discover Yosemite Tour

    If you're looking for a detailed Yosemite tour that will last for the whole day, then the Discover Yosemite Tour might be a great option. Not only does this tranquil tour last for the whole day, but it also even comes with lunch. If you want to feast your eyes on the picturesque mountains and trees of this enormous national park, then the Discover Yosemite Tour might be the way to go. The tour guides for Discover Yosemite are seasoned and have extensive knowledge on the region.

If you want to revel in the beauty of Yosemite National Park, you don't have to worry for a minute. If you research all of your choices in exciting tours, then you'll definitely find one that's ideal for your specific needs.

Last Updated: April 05, 2016