the many windows on the facade of a paris hotel

5 Best Luxury Hotels in Paris

To have the quintessential Parisian experience, you must stay at one of these hotels. Each one of them offers you luxury at its finest, but in unique and diverse ways. Whether you’re looking for classic opulence, boutique chic, or antique charm, these hotels will have what you’re seeking for that dreamy Paris vacation we all want to experience.

  1. La Tremoille

    Beginning at rates of around $700 per night, (with an additional rate of $75 per night for your beloved pet), you will undoubtedly sleep comfortably in the soundproof rooms of La Tremoille luxury hotel. Many of the guest rooms have the novelty of a “hatch”, or what Americans refer to as a dumbwaiter. These built-in mechanisms allow staff to transfer meals from the kitchen to and from rooms, and so without disturbing the privacy of the guests. That’s old-fashioned excessiveness at its finest.

  2. Mandarin Oriental

    The Mandarin Oriental is a Parisian hotel that tops many “Best of” lists due to its prime location in the Haute Couture, or High Fashion, district of Saint Honoré. This neighborhood is an excellent area to people watch while you sip on un petit cafe while eating un croissant. You can also have famous chef Thierry Marx prepare your dinner, receive a Guerlain facial therapy, and take a swim in the 14 meter pool, all while going back to rest in a Penthouse with panoramic views of Paris encircling you.

  3. Hotel Keppler

    A small, unassuming hotel on a quiet street would not normally be compared to luxurious hotels such as the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons George V, but Hotel Keppler has earned excellent reviews, particularly in the area of customer service. All personnel are noted to be friendly and courteous. This hotel also offers a Hammam, or Turkish-style bath, for you (and your entire family) in which to relax, plus breathtaking views of Paris and complimentary Hermès toiletry products in every guest room.

  4. Hotel Lancaster

    A set of Egyptian cotton sheets on every bed is just one of the many reasons that Hotel Lancaster is one of the most luxurious of its kind in Paris. Located in what is referred to as “The Golden Triangle”, an intersection of streets lined with high fashion ateliers, this hotel has a suite named after early 20th century German star Marlene Dietrich, who was a famous high fashion icon. Make sure to venture onto the Champs-Elysées for some high class shopping.

  5. Saint James Paris

    Saint James Paris is a hotel that offers the sophisticated traveler a place to rest their head. This hotel offers a relaxed, yet exclusive ambiance. A private club that affords its members privileged access to Parisian clubs, a Grand Terrace to have family brunch, and a Library bar to wind down at the end of the day are all perks of this choice hotel.

Last Updated: July 10, 2024