30 Most Welcoming American Cities

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of friendly people? Is it people who smile when you see them? People who stop and ask you how you’re doing? People who compliment you on your hair? What about with people you don’t know, all the people you pass by on an average day? Do you think about things like helping you change a tire on the side of an interstate, giving you directions in an unfamiliar place, or asking you what floor on an elevator?

These cities don’t think about any of that stuff. They just do it. Out of all of the cities in this country, these are the cities where friendliness seems to naturally flourish. Whether you visit or move there, expect to see people wave back or stop and help when you need it. Don’t be surprised if somebody genuinely means it when they ask you how you’re doing. They actually want an answer. The people that fill these cities are as sincere about their care for you as your grandma was, and we all know your grandma meant it when she told you she loved you. These cities aren’t normal, but they’re not normal in the best possible way. Read on to find out more.

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