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30 Most Welcoming American Cities

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City is Colorado’s most popular one, and it’s easy to understand why. There’s a lot of people happily pursuing their dreams there. There’s plenty to do, plenty to eat, and breathtaking sights all around. You won’t be disappointed.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is the place to be. It’s ranked as one of the best places to start a career, retire, and to just live in general. It makes sense that they’d be super nice there. How else would they care for so many people in so many different walks of life?

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Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is an idyllic American city. They have great food, sports, and music, but best of all, they have people that will make you proud of your country. The city welcomes all kinds of people as they pass through, leading to them accepting most anybody into their family. When you visit, expected to be treated like you belong.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you go to Santa Fe and expect Southern Hospitality, you’ll be disappointed. The people of Santa Fe won’t go out of their way to wave or ask you how you’re doing, but don’t let that scare you away. They’re nice when you approach. Everybody in Santa Fe just enjoys minding their own business, but they’ll still help you if you’re nice when you ask.

San Antonio, Texas

There’s just something nice about people saying “y’all” that sets you at ease. The people of San Antonio will invite you to watch the game, have dinner at one of their amazing restaurants, and offer water to save you from the stifling heat. Texan DNA binds the state together like a massive family, and San Antonio is a great place to experience that.

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Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville prides itself on coming together and valuing one another. It's home of the Kentucky Derby, which is definitely a great place to spend the day. Of course, you also dine on delicious KFC and other delicious restaurants. Finally, who can forget the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory? Not us!

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Honolulu, Hawaii

A trip to Hawaii is on most people’s bucket list. The Hawaiian people know that and welcome visitors to their beautiful island with open arms. Honolulu is the biggest city on the islands, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them. The collection of islands come together to create some of the friendliest places on Earth.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Don’t skimp on Minneapolis. People who visit there are never let down. The locals are in love with their hometown. If you need help finding someplace, changing a tire, or picking up your dropped belongings, Minneapolis won’t let you down.

Cleveland, Ohio

If you’re looking for a friendly city to settle down in, look to Cleveland. You’ll be moving and losing a lot of the community you had in your previous home, but Cleveland will help you pick up your slack. In this city, you can expect to find people like you, make friends, and have a good time a lot quicker than you would in other large cities.

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Buffalo, New York

Whether you’re going for the wings or the waterfall, you won’t be upset with your time in Buffalo. It’s nicknamed the City of Good Neighbors for fairly obvious reasons: they’re there for each other in good times and bad. If there’s a city-wide event, like their Nation Wings festival or Food Truck Tuesday, you can count on the community coming together for a good time.

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Portland, Oregon

Sure, Portland is weird. But you know how they were able to be weird? By being nice to everybody, even those people willing to branch out from the norm. They let the city really grow and blossom. So sure, you might think of weird restaurants and unicyclists when you think of Portland, but you should also think of people having a good time.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis may not be the first place that people think of when they think of friendliness, but that’s probably because nobody ever thinks of Indianapolis. The residents of the city wish people did. They’re proud of their city, and especially proud of the friendliness. In fact, they gave it a name: Hoosier Hospitality.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

It only seems logical that New Orleans would be a friendly city. A place where food and booze reign king is bound to make people get along! The most popular places for tourists to go are Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, so be prepared to be in close contact with a bunch of other happy people.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina has been blowing up in recent years. It’s a city that is proud of its history, people who are happy to share that history with anybody who will listen. As the city grows, it caters more and more towards making its visitors comfortable, so don’t stress about stopping by.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Have you ever seen a mad acoustic guitar player? No? Well, then you shouldn’t be surprised that Music city is as nice as it is. About 1,000% of the city plays and bonds over music. If you enjoy music at all, visit live music venue and make some friends. 

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Coronado, California

Coronado is just across the Bay from San Diego, but it may as well be a world apart. The resort city specifically gears itself to welcoming visitors and making sure they have the best vacation possible.

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Savannah, Georgia

If you don't hear a "How y'all doin'" in Savannah, then you probably aren't actually in Savannah. Similar to Charleston just up the coast, Savannah is one of the friendliest cities in the South.

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Jackson, Mississippi

The City with Soul (home of soul music and soul food) doesn't have strangers; everyone is a friend! If you don't like friendly conversation, then you might not like it here.

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Boise, Idaho

Boise is one of the fastest growing capital cities in the country, so they're used to welcoming people into their ranks.

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Orlando, Florida

Orlando is the most-visited city in the country and the first to surpass over 70 million visitors a year. Since it's full of resorts, they know how to welcome a tourist.

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Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is friendly in a number of ways. Not only are people friendly to each other, but they are also earth-friendly and socially conscious by buying from conscientious brands and giving to charities.

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Orange Beach, Alabama

What do some of the cities on this list have in common? They are vacation destinations! As such, they have a local economy built up on the back of the service industry which prides itself on welcoming outsiders. Orange Beach is no exception.

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Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is another popular tourist getaway for Northeast residents. Not only are people welcoming to humans, but Bar Harbor is also one of the most dog-welcoming cities in the country.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We AREN'T saying that Wisconsin residents are drunk. But Wisconsin does drink the most of any state, which makes it easier to talk to strangers. More than likely, you will have an easy time sharing a drink with a stranger in Milwaukee.

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Norfolk, Virginia

Virginia's Southern charm is abundant in Norfolk, which is why it ranks highly on multiple lists for friendliness. The approachable residents are most likely that way because of the year-round great weather.

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Orinda, California

Orina is one of the smallest places on this list (only about 18,000 residents), but it's one of the most friendly. The city hosts multiple arts events and festivals where everyone is welcome to participate and join. That's why Forbes has ranked it as one of the country's friendliest cities multiple years in a row.

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Key West, Florida

Compared to Miami, where residents can be seen as superficial and conceited, Key West can be seen as a relaxing breath of fresh air. Maybe it has something to do with being literally at the end of the road?

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Springdale, Utah

Springdale, a small community southwestern Utah, is the gateway to Zion National Park. They're proud of their beautiful nearby landscape and are willing, and welcoming, to show it off to as many people as possible.

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, may be one of the most welcoming cities in the country because it is also one of the safest in which to live. It ranks highly for both metrics as well as being a great place to raise a family, according to Forbes and Travel + Leisure.

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Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont, has a small town feel while also being cosmopolitan. The beautiful foliage in the fall brings in large numbers of visitors, whom residents are happy to show around their town.

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