30 Most Popular U.S. Destinations

30 Most Popular U.S. Destinations. We love our vacations. In fact, the average American gets about two work-weeks’ worth of paid time off, and that’s not even including the holidays spent with your in-laws. Even our kids get months and months of vacation time off from school. Every year, people whisk their kids off to the lake during spring break, drive hours to the beach in the summer, and plan for months for their extravagant fall break. It all comes together to make every season vacation season. That’s a lot of vacations. 

You don’t even have to leave America to go on a great vacation! We have 50 states, but most Americans will visit less than half of that. That’s sad considering the number of beautiful cities, national parks, and theme parks. There’s so much to do we wish we could travel more. That’s half of what Instagram and Fakebook’s content is about. Even people’s finances revolve around vacations with over a tenth of it going towards vacation.

If you’re wondering where Americans love to go, look no further. These are the best places to plan for in America. More people visit these cities and parks than any others in America. They’re on everybody’s bucket lists, and most people go back multiple times.

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