30 Best Foodie Cities in the Country

People love food. Visiting with families and friends usually centers around a meal. Heck, even the majority of our holidays center around everyone getting together around a huge delicious dinner – typically homecooked. We also focus much of our love life around food; a date night lets you eat at that new restaurant you’ve wanted to try with someone new or someone you’ve been with for years. With so many different cultures and subcultures around the world, we’ll see an infinite amount of variations on dishes we know and love, and we absolutely love to try them all!

Food is one thing that makes visiting different places so great because it gives us a chance to try something we’ve never had before. You’re not satisfied if you didn’t have a good meal, but many people choose to visit places specifically because of the food they’re serving. Those places are called foodie cities, places that are great at satisfying our inner food critic.

These cities feature Michelin-starred restaurants, affordable food venues, food trucks, and unique cuisine. Rising foodie cities are easily spotted when top name chefs, people who have received a James Beard Award, the “Oscars of the Food World,” end up moving there. They have a better knack for spotting a good food scene than the rest of us mortals, and they bring a lot of great food with them. Foodie cities are popping up everywhere around the United States, and they’re not always in the cliched metropolises as you might think they would be.

If you, your family, and your friends enjoy going out and eating, we’ve got some great foodie cities for you. And remember, this list can’t begin to cover all the best foodie cities in the nation, but we can guarantee won’t be disappointed with any of our selections.

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