30 Best Cities for Sports Fans

Sports are something amazing, isn’t it? There’s just something glorious about rooting for your team with a bunch of people that share a common interest. There’s the tailgating, the after-game parties, and the glorious banter while sitting in a bar at 12 A.M. Honestly, there’s nothing like it!

While some towns are known for their academics or beautiful nature, others are known for having a fanatic fan base that will root for their team no matter how many times they lose. Actually, some are a little more finicky than others.

If you’re a sports fan, we have the list for you. These towns take their sports very seriously, especially their home-town teams. It doesn’t matter if you love baseball, hockey, basketball, football, or some other sport, these are the towns you need to visit. Heck, you may love it so much that you never want to leave! We wouldn’t blame you there. 

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