20 RV Roadtrips for Adventurous Retirees

These RV roadtrips are perfect for adventurous retirees. As you age, you have the chance to do things you never thought about doing before. For some, that means skydiving or zip lining. Personally, we would have heart attacks if we did anything like that, but you have the chance to do it if you wanted to! Something that is a little more normal (sorry zipliners) is taking a road trip. Nothing is more enjoyable than loading up your car and going across the country. You’ll get to see sights that you’ve never seen before along with ones that you’ve already seen and made beautiful memories.

Wait, wait, wait. What are we saying?! Yes, there is something better than going cross-country in a car – going cross country in an RV. After retirement, you may have downsized your home and decided to travel the country in one of those big RVs that are basically a house on wheels.

Now that you’re retired, you don’t have to worry about your kids or your job getting in the way. It’s easily one of the best times to be alive since you have the chance to focus on what you want rather than what everyone else wants.

The hardest part of an RV road trip is trying to figure out where to go. Yeah, you could start driving and see where the road takes you. On the other hand, a plan could also help you see the most of what our country has to offer. Before you hop in the driver's seat and get ready to travel, here are some road trips that you have to drive.

They’ll take you down backroads with amazing sights that may take your breath away. From the ocean to the mountains, you won’t regret taking these 20 drives! Did we miss a stretch of road that you love?

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