15 Prettiest States in the Fall

These are the 15 prettiest states in the fall. When the leaves start to change color and, well, fall, everybody gets excited. It’s the beginning of the best part of the year. (Well, second only to the Christmas season!) When it’s fall, we don’t have to worry about being drenched in sweat like you do in August. 

You need to know where to go to enjoy the weather, though. We pulled together a list of some of the prettiest states in the fall, complete with recommended locations to visit in each state. You’ll be surprised by just how different each location is. In Colorado, you’ll be blown away by just how yellow everything gets. It’s almost as if the state is made of gold! If you go to Washington, you’ll find that most of the trees turn cherry red! Oregon is a great place to see fall foliage mixed with evergreens; it’s a truly beautiful autumn spot!

If pictures don’t satisfy you, we’ve also got places with things to do. The Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania have just about every sort of fall festival you could hope for. For those of you who have to stay on the move, Virginia has some of the best drives around! If you’re looking for a magical experience, Maryland has some corn mazes, unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Fall is here, and these are the best states to make the most of it. Let us know what you think!

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