15 Tips to Make Flight Attendants Love You

Treat others the way you want to be treated is sound advice, especially when you're at cruising altitude with a bunch of strangers and a hard working flight crew. A flight attendant's job is no walk in the park, and rude, unruly customers can make their duties even more of a hassle then they already. Now, you should always be kind to your flight attendant because it's the right thing to do—but that doesn't mean their aren't some personal perks too for your gold star behavior! Follow these 15 tips, and you're sure to make everyone's life easier. 

1. Return Their Greeting

When a crew member smiles and says hello as you’re boarding the plane, return the sentiment. With so many people filing past without acknowledgment, your bright smile and sincere hello will make you stand out—in a good way. No one is suggesting you ask about their entire life's story or try to forge a deep and lifelong friendship—just a simple, "Hi," will make you look like a decent human being. 

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