15 Reasons Being a Flight Attendant is Harder than You Think

If jet setting from one exotic locale to the next sounds like the perfect gig, consider every angle. Flying for a living has its rewards, but it also comes with a price. From unruly passengers to terrifying weather, flight attendants have their fair share of work hazards that most of us don't have to deal with. If you think this is a cushy job, think again! Here are 15 reasons that being a flight attendant is harder than you might think!

Long Work Days

No matter what time of day it is, somewhere in the world there’s a plane full of passengers on the way to their destination. A flight attendant’s schedule is anything but 9 to 5. And at sometimes 10-12 hours, it’s far from a typical day at the office. Plus, you have to take into consideration time zone changes that can throw you off even more than the long, irregular hours do! 

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