10 Movies That Are Better on a Plane Than in Real Life

Sometimes you watch a movie on a plane and discover, amidst the rumbling and noise and anxiety, that you have a new favorite film. Then, you go home making suggestions to your friends and family only to realize that you were just too sleepy, drugged, or distracted, and, in reality, it's just garbage. These are some good "airplane movies"—and others that are destined to become ones in the near future.

1. 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

It's new, but this superhero slugfest that is too lazy to even title itself correctly is prime in-flight movie material. The two main characters are insanely removed from anything they're known to be in the comics. The plot is so dull it doesn't matter if you nod off, and yet it still doesn't make sense. At one point there's a dream sequence nested inside another dream sequence. In short, it's perfect for loopy, tired fliers who don't know what's going on.

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