U.S. Cities with the Least Pleasant Weather

Every city has the occasional thunderstorm, but these cities have more than their fair share of inclement weather. We're not talking about hurricanes or tornadoes; those are a bit less predictable. Instead, WalletHub's metrics focused on temperature, humidity, sunshine hours, and precipitation. You might not be spending much time with your family in the backyard if you live in one of these cities.

1 of 10 10. Boston, Massachusetts

Days with Snow: 22

While the average highs in Boston are quite pleasant during the summer, winter can be bitterly cold. You may remember the record amount of snowfall the city received in 2015. The city had so much snow that year that the Tide Street snow pile reached a height of 75 feet and didn't melt until mid-July. The economic impact of all that snow came out to $1 billion in lost profits and wages for the whole state.

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