The Worst Passengers to be Kicked Off a Plane

Everyone who's ever flown has dealt with a crying baby or an armchair hog, but some airline passengers are truly unique in their awfulness. We're talking drunk come-ons, public urination, and even assaults with baked goods. Here are some of the worst meltdowns ever witnessed on airplanes.

1 of 10 10. Naomi Campbell

Losing baggage is stressful for everyone, and British Airways aren't exactly renowned for the care they take with luggage—or people, really. Still, in 2008 when Naomi Campbell's luggage didn't get loaded onto her flight from London to L.A., they cared enough to have the pilot go back and personally apologize. It didn't help. Campbell went on an enormous, profanity-laden tirade, attacked an officer with a cell phone, and tried to use her stilettos as weapons.

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