The 10 Best Airports Around the World

Not only is the airline industry a thing, but the airport food industry is a thing. What about airports themselves? While most air travel in the United States is a perfunctory, cattle-like experience, occasionally an airport breaks through and really makes something of itself. Here are some of the most lavish.

1 of 10 10. Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Travelers to this Malaysian airport get to take in sweeping glass architecture, a massage and reflexology center, a movie lounge, a sports lounge, and the gorgeously modern Sama-Sama Express hotel. But center stage here is the KLIA Jungle Board Walk—a natural rainforest in the middle of Terminal A that has been relocated with help from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia and showcases both the country's natural beauty and the airport's commitment to environmental responsibility.

(image via Dustin Iskandar, CC)

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