a cirque du soleil show is ready before a performance

Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Shows

Cirque du Soleil currently performs eight shows in Las Vegas, so you won't have to jump through hoops or go through contortions to obtain tickets. Although it's a "circus," only some of the shows are family-friendly; make sure you check the performance details before bringing the kids.

Ticket prices vary by show and range from under $100 to $200, with children's prices sometimes lower. There are often special offers available, though, so you may not have to pay full price. You'll find all the details on the shows and discount offers at Cirque du Soleil's website. Here's a rundown of your options:

  • Michael Jackson: ONE

    Michael Jackson: One is performed at Mandalay Bay. The show is a tribute to Jackson, featuring his signature songs and signature moves. Characters obtain his signature fashion elements (glove, shoes, socks, hat, and sunglasses), which give them talents that they put to use in acrobatic scenes. Jackson is, himself, a character in the show.

  • Mystère

    Mystère is performed in a specially-built theater at the Treasure Island hotel. The show combines acrobatic and comedy acts. It was the first Cirque du Soleil show created for Vegas and may seem dated to some. During set changes, a magician interacts with the audience.

  • Love

    More musical genius is celebrated in The Beatles Love at the Mirage. The show is a tribute to the band, with its soundtrack created from old studio master tapes. The stage is encircled by rows of seats, and with tens of performers in the air at once, you'll be constantly entranced.

  • Zumanity

    Zumanity, at New York New York hotel, is an adults-only show. The show gives Cirque's off-kilter take on a cabaret or burlesque, with scantily clad performers and acts that explore human sexuality in all its possible permutations. Front row seats give close views of the performers, but you risk being pulled onto the stage with them.

  • CRlSS ANGEL Believe

    Criss Angel Believe brings Cirque du Soleil together with the master illusionist at the Luxor hotel. If you're a Criss Angel fan, you would enjoy seeing the performer and hearing his story. The show doesn't highlight the acrobatics that Cirque is famous for so choose another if that's what you prefer to see.

  • Zarkana

    At the Aria, Zarkana is all about circus, as it tells the story of an abandoned theater where an old troupe comes alive. The show is typical Cirque du Soleil-style with acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, and other circus artists performing high above the stage.

  • , at the MGM Grand, tells a story about the duality of fire, which can light the world or destroy it. Besides acrobatics, the performers are skilled in puppetry and martial arts. The stage and seats were custom-built to ensure great sound and sight lines throughout the show.

  • O

    The Bellagio hotel is known for its fountains, and water plays a major role in Cirque du Soleil's show, O. To its usual mix of acrobats and dancers, Cirque introduces synchronized swimmers and divers. The focal point of the stage is a 1.5 million gallon water tank. There is a splash zone; if you don't want to get wet, be careful when you choose your seat. You might choose a higher seat away from the stage to get a better view of the water ballets and the show's technical requirements.