Happiest Cities in the Nation

There must be something in the water in these 20 cities. Gallup and Healthways have joined forces again to produce the Community Well-Being Index which measures U.S. cities on the opportunities they provide for social and financial success, community integration, and life purpose for their residents.

1 of 20 20. Washington, D.C.

Highest Scoring Area: Economic Stability

Not even the political gridlock of D.C. can keep its residents down! They’re a happy enough bunch to start our list off at #20. One caveat, however, is that this ranking has finalized results according to 2017’s full year of data. Sentiments in the city may have changed after the recent election.

Even though D.C. has a high cost of living, workers there make greater than the national average. Perhaps that's why the city scores so well on economic stability. The residents are also an active bunch, scoring ninth in the nation for physical health. With the second busiest metro in the U.S., many Washingtonians choose to walk to work. Maybe the city is so happy because it’s the most educated in the country? Nearly 50% of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree. Compare that to the U.S. average of only 30%.

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