European Cruises: Meandering Through Mediterranean

A cruise is one of the most enjoyable and glamorous ways to travel, and there's no destination more romantic and exciting than the Mediterranean. There are many possible destinations in the Mediterranean, so it's important to choose the cruise that stops at the places where you most want to visit. You should also select a cruise that has the features and amenities that you desire.

What to Look For When Booking a Cruise

Today's cruise ships are full of luxurious features. You will typically find gourmet food, lots of entertainment, and fitness centers, plus casinos on select ships. When choosing a cruise, you should consider these factors:

  • Size of Ship: Larger ships will have more entertainment and choices when it comes to dining. Smaller ships, on the other hand, provide a more intimate experience. It all depends on what type of atmosphere you prefer.

  • Time of Year: The season will have a large impact on your experience. Summer is most popular, but you'll also have to pay the highest prices and deal with more crowded conditions during that season. If you can manage it, spring or fall will allow you to save money and have more space for exploring the ports of the Mediterranean.

  • Cabins: You must consider your budget as well as preferences when choosing a cabin. The main difference has to do with views. Inside cabins are cheapest but provide no views. Outside cabins usually have a window or porthole allowing you can view the ocean. A veranda or balcony cabin provides the most expansive views. The costliest cabins are suites, which provide larger rooms and include amenities such as Jacuzzis.

Destinations in the Mediterranean

A Mediterranean cruise may stop at any number of exciting destinations. When choosing a cruise, you have to first decide where you want to go.

  • Rome, Italy: One of the most popular cruise destinations in the world, Rome is a place everyone should see at least once. Ancient ruins such as the Colosseum can be seen right in the middle of the bustling city.

  • Athens, Greece: Another ancient city that still has much to offer today, despite recent economic troubles in Greece. Athens and surrounding areas contain many amazing sites from antiquity, such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

  • Istanbul, Turkey: This city, formerly known as Constantinople, is rich in both Christian and Islamic history. It's a unique mixture of ancient and modern where you can find bargains at bazaars and visit a variety of museums, palaces, mosques, and churches.

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: Croatia has recently become a popular Mediterranean destination. Dubrovnik is on Unesco's World Heritage List for its beauty and wealth of historical attractions.

  • Lisbon, Portugal: The capital of Portugal is one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities. It offers a comfortable climate all year round, a variety of fascinating architecture, and friendly people who enjoy relaxing in the city's many cafes.

A Mediterranean cruise can be the vacation of a lifetime. The above are only a small selection of some of the amazing destinations you can visit. Aside from this, the ship itself provides an almost limitless amount of fun and excitement. It's just a matter of finding the cruise that meets your needs and that's within your budget.