An All-American Road Trip and Playlist

Many people do not fully appreciate the enormity of the United States. Even sadder, most people don't stop to think about the variety of music we embrace, either. This is, firstly, a playlist, but it's also a list of destinations taking you from Chicago down Route 66 to L.A. and continuing up the Pacific Coast Highway to end in Seattle. For a comprehensive list of all the songs mentioned, listen to the Spotify playlist.

1 of 10 1. Chicago, Illinois

"Sweet Home Chicago" by Robert Johnson

Chicago's a huge scene for many different kinds of music. You could go with songs by Spoon, Sinatra, Tom Waits, Sufjan Stevens, or just about anything by Kanye West, but for a town this important to the blues, there's only one choice. Spend time checking out music wherever you can at night, but also check out Wrigley Field, Lincoln Park, and the view from Lake Michigan while you're there. Of course, if you're on a music-themed vacation, there's only one road you can take when you head out of the city.

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