American Cities with the Oldest Residents

In the last Census, the U.S. median age jumped from 35.3 to 37.2 years, making the phrase "We're not getting any younger" true on a national scale. We hit up the U.S. Census Bureau for the list of places with the highest percentage of people 65 and over, though the Census projects an explosion of seniors between this past Census and the upcoming one as baby boomers cross the threshold into retirement age.

1 of 10 10. Miami, Florida

Percentage 65 and Older: 16%

You knew this had to be on the list, right? Search for "Miami Seniors" online and you immediately get travel tips, Meetup groups, and more. Who knows when we collectively decided that this was the place to retire, but we decided in droves.

(image via UpstateNYer, CC)

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