9 Tips for Relaxing Your In-Flight Nerves

Lots of people get anxious about flying—it's one of the most common fears out there. Many common anxiety tips don't really work well when you're freaking out in a steel box in the sky. Being told to "go get some exercise" or "take a break from what's stressing you" isn't exactly helpful when you're miles above the ground. Here are some helpful tips to curb your in-flight nerves.

1 of 9 Distract Yourself

Distractions are big in anxiety management. The more time you spend trying to rein in your thoughts, the worse they'll run rampant. For instance, right now, try not to think of a white elephant. See how useless that is? Instead of "trying not to be anxious," focus your attention on things you enjoy doing. Read a book or watch a movie.

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