30 Best College Towns in the US

Having school pride is one thing, but these cities go above and beyond in displaying their school colors. Campus life seems to seep into all aspects of these cool college towns. Whether you or a family member are looking for an alma mater or you just want to find a place to live that's perpetually hip, you could do worse than these university hot spots. From the balmy deep south to the chilly, snow-capped north, there's a city for you on this list, no matter what your educational or meteorological preferences may be. Here are the 30 best college towns in the United States! 

Boulder, CO

Located at the foot of the Rockies, Boulder abounds in outdoor activities for students at the University of Colorado: rock climbing, skiing, hiking, camping. The environmental love also translates to numerous restaurants that are locally-sourced from sustainable practices. And don't even get us started on the weather! During the worst of the summer months, the average temperature for Boulder is a tolerable 87 degrees. Although, if you're not a big fan of snow, you may want to avoid the city—and large parts of Colorado in general! It isn't unusual to get snow in Colorado in May.

(image via Instagram)

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