25 Least Welcoming Countries in the World

A recent study by the World Economic Forum measured the openness of countries to foreign tourists and the tourism industry in general. Ranked from 1 to 140 (140 being the least welcoming), you might be surprised to learn that the United States appeared at a paltry #102 on the list.

America isn’t the only country that isn’t that’s not too welcoming – obviously. Some countries do whatever they can to deter tourists from visiting their country for a multitude of reasons. One of the most popular is that tourists often destroy landmarks or make too much noise, but that isn’t always the case. Some places aren’t used to tourists. They have certain customs that are considered “strange” or unwritten rules everyone must follow to be treated kindly.

We know that everyone in these countries don’t hate tourists. There are nice people anywhere you go, but in general, these are the nations that would rather you stay at home or go somewhere else for your holiday. Here are 25 other countries the study found as incredibly unwelcoming to foreign visitors for one reason or another. If you’re planning a vacation, it may be best to avoid these places.

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