20 American Things That Don't Exist Abroad

We do things a little differently around here, and that desire to stand out has given rise to some pretty crazy stuff. Our love for the suburbs has led to car culture unrivaled in most other countries. Because of this, cities sprawl for miles and miles, unlike our European counterparts. We export a lot of our culture overseas, but you won't find these things abroad. Here are 20 things that could only come from the U.S.!


Walmart has expanded overseas, but there's nothing like America’s sprawling Supercenters. In fact, the American company conceded failure and pulled out of the German and South Korean markets altogether. There is rarely something as similar as a Walmart Supercenter that has groceries, home goods, auto parts, and hunting supplies all under one roof.

Our stores are so shocking to foreign countries that "Overseas visitors seeing Walmart for the first time" is an entire genre of videos on YouTube. Walmart owns similar stores in other countries but under different names—like the Asda name in the United Kingdom. And those stores definitely don't have the extravagant bulk sizes you'll find stateside. If you go overseas looking for a supercenter, you'll be out of luck!

(image via Flickr)

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