15 Fittest Cities in America

Every year, the American Council of Sports Medicine publishes an American Fit Index ranking the top 50 metros in the U.S. based upon their fitness and wellness initiatives, as well as how active the general population in each city is. What's the vibe of your town: "up and at em" or a little bit sluggish? Well, if you're a citizen of one of these 15 towns, you can take pride in knowing your neighbors are some of the fittest in the country. You better hit the gym so you don't fall behind! 

15. Virginia Beach-Norfolk, Virginia

AFI Score: 57.5

Outdoor leisure opportunities about for the Virginia Beach-Norfolk area, which pushes it up in the rankings. In fact, it ranks in the top percentile for acres of parkland per capita, percentage of city land area as parkland, playgrounds per capita, and park-related expenses per capita. Unfortunately, the area is hindered by a greater than average number of people who smoke, have diabetes, or suffer from asthma.

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