15 Fictional Places You Can Actually Visit

It may seem like your favorite characters' stomping grounds are just out of reach. However, your family could discover Downton, travel in a TARDIS, or meander into Mordor with these 15 vacations based on locations from popular books and movies.

1 of 15 15. Los Pollos Hermanos ('Breaking Bad')

South Valley, New Mexico

Los Pollos Hermanos was the business empire of drug kingpin and Walter White nemesis Gus Fring on the TV show Breaking Bad. While the chain was a wholly invented creation for the series, it was filmed at Albuquerque-based chain Twisters. Unfortunately, if you're trying to recreate a meal from the show, you'll be out of luck. Twisters' main claim to fame are their burgers and burritos.

(image via Google Maps)

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