15 Cities That Pay You to Live There

If you live in a big city, you may be annoyed with how many people live there. It's hard to get groceries without spending an hour and a half in the store! How can so many people live in one place? Well, some cities and states the opposite issue. They don’t have enough people, which means many businesses keep open positions and services have a hard time running for those that do call the place home. While some simply deal with the lack of people, others come up with a creative solution to get people to move there.

Many cities and states have adopted the idea of giving people money for moving there. Instead of cold, hard cash, they may provide tax breaks or pay for some moving expenses. Granted, there are some that give an allowance for someone that chooses to move there, but this usually means buying a house and a minimum amount of time living there.

If you’re looking for a change or maybe a place that’s a little less populated, here are some cities that will give you tax breaks, paid moving expenses, cash, and more just for resettling in their sleepy little area.

As a note, please remember that these places can choose to remove or change the incentives at any time once plenty of people have relocated.

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