19 American Customs That Baffle Foreign Tourists

American culture is oftentimes synonymous with "Western culture." Movies and TV shows made in the U.S. are shown all across the world and have nearly universal fan bases. The same goes for U.S. musicians who embark upon record-breaking world tours. However, there are certain aspects of our culture that aren't universal. America does many things well, but we also have some quirks. Here are 19 things that our tourists are baffled by! 

1 of 19 Ice Cubes

We're fond of getting a tasty beverage to wash down our huge portions. When we do, they're like nothing you see anywhere else. They're huge, endlessly refillable, and full of ice. Room temperature is for suckers. That's not the case in most of the rest of the world! Just like when it comes to the Metric System, Americans are the odd ones for preferring ice in their drinks.

If you take a trip to Europe, or most other places around the world,  you'll get some odd stares for requesting ice in your water or soda. It makes sense for locales that are less developed—they just don't have the refrigeration infrastructure. Some places even prefer hot drinks in hot weather. Ever been to Turkey? They regularly drink hot tea during the hot days they experience.

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