13 Weirdly Awesome Hotels for the Oddball Traveler

We've dropped some superlatives talking about hotels: whether they're the biggest, the most remote, or the fanciest in different cities around the world. What about the most odd? Here are some unique hotels across the globe to make sure your vacation is one you won't soon forget.

1 of 13 13. The Snow Castle of Kemi

Kemi, Finland

The Snow Castle of Kemi opens every  winter in Kemi, Finland. It's the largest snow fort in the world, and it has to be rebuilt every year. But instead of complaining, they take the opportunity for an annual remodel with a new theme every season they open. The Snow Hotel uses sleeping bags to keep guests warm on a "good bed," presumably meaning it's not made of ice like a lot of ice hotels. There's also a Snow Restaurant and Ice Bar. Bring warm clothes, and you can have a stay like no other.

(image via Dmit, CC)

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