12 Tree House Hotels and Rentals

Whether you're trying to capture that feeling of childhood wonder, looking for a great view and an unusual trip, or just a really big fan of Return of the Jedi, staying in a treehouse is a fun, unique way to spend a vacation. Just make sure you don't stumble out of bed.

1 of 12 12. Treehouse Point

Fall City, Washington

Located near Fall City, Washington, this event center/overnight retreat is nestled snugly in some of the most beautiful forests the Pacific Northwest has to offer. (Though the resort is a little more rustic than a lot of American tree houses — the bathroom facilities are shared, as opposed to in-room.) If you want to check out the scenery but don't feel like staying, visitors can take a guided tour of the tree houses, although a reservation is required. Not only will Treehouse Point offer you lodging, but they can get you in touch with their sister company to help you plan and build a tree house getaway of your own.

(image via treehousepoint.com)

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